Products I Use

--A strong multi-vitamin and chelated mineral supplement

Things to look for:

Test the multi's antioxidants:

---Put your multi in a glass of water with a slice of apple.  Keep one as a control, with no multi in it.

After a  week, most multi-vitamins will allow the apple to rot and turn brown (oxidization).  This means that the anti-oxidants are actually free radicals (positive charges not anti-oxidants or negative charges).

However, a multi with usable anti-oxidants should keep the apple fresh FOR a WEEK!

---A cheap multi has iron in it.  It's toxic.

---Antioxidants and minerals react together and should be in separate pills.

---A multi/min that's designed as several pills in the day, is better than 1 pill.  The nutrition becomes more absorbable.

---Find out if the company tests their multi on live cell cultures.  If they can keep cell cultures alive with them, they're good for you too :)

---You should feel extra energy, and look younger.  All those negative charges help you detox anything in your system that isn't part of YOU.

---Research chelation.  If the minerals aren't in that form, they're pretty much useless...just more garbage your body needs to purge.

--A probiotic that can survive stomach acid

For years, I used a probiotic that was made from soil based bacteria.  But it is now banned in my country, and most of my detox buddies' countries too.

Things to look for:

---It should make you go poo- a lot!  If it doesn't, those critters are long dead.

The one I'm on makes me go 2x in the morning, once after lunch, and again before I sleep.  This means I go to bed with an empty colon.

This is the peak of detox.  The whites of my eyes are consistently super white, meaning my cellular water is very clean.  This is due to, in a large part, because I am not absorbing water from poo all night.

Beauties discovered this 100's of years ago.  They would do a colonic every night to make sure they didn't absorb any toxic water from their colon.  And they would wake up more lovely.

Don't think about doing that yourself.  It would be terrible for you because it washes away all your good bacteria.  This will cause you to be unable to absorb nutrition, and your colon will stop working like the strong muscle that it is.

A backed up colon is also the reason some people struggle with weight loss.  They are re-absorbing toxins in their colon, and those go straight into fat cells!

---It should say on the advertisement that it can survive stomach acid.  If it does, it's likely true, otherwise the company will have been sued.

---If you take good care of your bacteria, you may only need to buy some a few times a year.  Aerobic bacteria needs plenty of vitamins, minerals, and plant foods to flourish.  If you avoid coffee, pop and other junk food (acidic, low oxygen foods), they should have babies...and more babies

Ok they don't actually have babies.  They split in 2.  But you get the idea :)

You'd have to eat approximately 22,000 calories 
and spend more than $33 a day to get the same amount 
of nutrients in a strong multi-vitamin.

18.5 medium oranges (vit. C: 1300 mg)
85 medium bananas (B6: 32 mg)
44 large eggs (Vit. D: 1800 IU)
4.3 cups cooked spinach (Folate: 1000 units)
7 oz. cooked clams (B12: 200 units)
1 lbs bag sunflower seeds (Vit. E: 400 IU)
10 chicken breasts (Zinc: 20 mg)
1 serving of yogurt (Calcium: 270 mg)
2 cups cooked spinach (Magnesium: 300 mg)
9 oz. baked cod (Iodine: 300 mg)

May 5, 2015, I took a health assessment. It was 4 years into my detox journey.

My Total Risk Assessment results were very interesting:

Total Risk Score: 35/100

Immune System: 65/100
Digestive Health: 55/100
Respiratory/Allergies: 55/100
Mental Acuity: 40/100
Skin Health: 40/100
Dental Health: 25/100
Heart Health: 20/100
Bone Health: 20/100
Joint Health: 20/100
Toxin Exposure: 15/100
Weight/Diabetes: 5/100

My biggest issues pointed to my chronic fatigue- immune, digestion, and sinus infections.
For the last 2 years, I have been on the multi, probiotic, and oils.

My immunity is MUCH stronger. But the most noticeable change is that my stomach acid is now normal. When I had CF, I could barely digest anything.

What I'm most proud of is how low my toxin exposure is (15/100)! That was the hardest part of my lifestyle changes.


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    2. i currently suffer from chronic fatigue and digestion sinus and immune system as my white cell blood count and red cell blood count have been extremely low how do i go about detoxing i currently have enamel coming off from my teeth and stain and porous teeth i lack b12 and vitamin d where my skin is always pale in the winter and look sick

    3. Hi Unknown.
      Thank you so much for sharing. I will be making a comment video, so watch for it :)

  2. I bought the tissue salts about a month ago. I thought I had heard of most everything but never those. I would like to know more. I have most of the list. Hope you write more. You are so inspiring.

  3. Pamela,, may I ask what brand minerals you use and also what brand tissue salts you recommend?
    Thank you for this website. I have found no other website as informative and inspirational.

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  5. Pamela,
    thanks for the response, I live in the US so I would hopefully be able to purchase them online. Im not on facebook can I email you?
    Yes your blog is about power! The thing I have gained the most from your pics and experience is a more longterm mindset, which I could never attain after reading other info for over 15 years. I now have a 3-4 year plan and will be satisified with small changes along the way. For me this is priceless. THANK YOU!

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  7. Hi I can't seem to find the page where you discuss what books are worth reading. I'm pretty sure you had one that's where I discovered the Tonys zevasta book. If you could sent a link pls or tell me where to find it. Thanks!!