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Detox Secrets!

The key to my detox, anti-aging, and creativity is simple in theory. I increased my negative charges. These include raw food, distilled wa...

500 Adorable Pets & Animals Picture Gallery

The top 3 questions I regularly get asked are:

1. How much do you charge for coaching?
Under specific circumstances, and my availability, I coach for free. Email me for details. PamelaViktoria.Inc@gmail.com

2. Do you use supplements?
Yes. Email me. Links to products don't work well here.

3. Will it take me years to detox back to my childhood toxins, like it did for you?
If you have no health issues, have very few pharmaceuticals or chemicals in your system, AND your saliva PH is a steady 7.2, you may finish in a few months. It took me 6 years because I started with a massive deficit, 4.8 PH. 
It wasn't until 3 years into detox, that my PH was steady. Plus, I started detox at age 36, after a lifetime of sleep and digestive issues, and low immunity (sinus infections).
In short, it depends where your starting point is.

Hope this helps :)

Keep Learning, Keep Experimenting, Keep Being Inspired!
Pamela Viktoria

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396. cat & dolphin

397. adorable piggy

398. Mongolian horse and gorgeous fashion

399. small horse & rider

400. horses on beach

401. lynx & lion

402. kitten stretch

403. cat & fox

404. baby squirrel

405. baby bunny

406. neon cat

407. blue eyes cat

408. dragonfly

409. colorful zebra

410. misty horses

411. silver horse

412. horse & model

413. brown horse, black outfit

414. white horse and hippie lifestyle

415. horse love painting

416. brown horse blonde mane

417. ducklings flying

418. crazy teeth on cat

419. yellow ducky

420. beautiful grey cat

421. white kitten gang

422. tan puppy

423. squirrel nook

424. kitten in book

425. amazing ears on kitten

426. kitten and ducky

427. bunny with pink ears

428. cats and flowers

429. turtle in blue

430. cat surprise

431. awww kitten

432. cat friends

433. look at the color! cat

434. kitten in pink

435. white furry friends chinchillas 

436. pink birds

437. yellow cat stand

438. yellow yawn -cat

439. white and black faces cats

440. pink flamingos nature

441. same color puppy & teddy

442. vanilla butterfly

443. baby piggy

444. baby tiger

445. black horse mane

446. raccoon hanging out

447. ducky gang

449. swan & babies

450. baby bunny

451. red squirrel reflection

452. pink kitten paws

453. baby orange tabby kitten

454. baby yellow lab puppy

455. adorable black duck

456. wild cat blue eyes

457. asian red panda

458. grey bunny rabbit

459. stunning blue green dragonfly photography

460. baby face cow calf

461.horse & woods painting

462. kitten dreaming

463. white horse in water

464. tan blonde horse

465. baby bear
466. baby goat tongue

467. foxy smile

468. black kitten white chest

469. I want to run with these wild horses!

470. side swept bangs:) horse model

471. pink fish

472. dolphin tail

473. perfect spotted cat cuddle

474. snow and tiger

475. blue eyed fluffy Siamese

476. baby fawn in forest

477. running snow leopard

478. amazing pattern cat

479. white cat with glasses

480. baby pitbull

481. So beautiful! White fluffy cat blue eyes
482. black & white cat whiskers

483. ladybug and mushroom

484. white cat brothers blue eyes grey faces

485. chick and cow

486. yellow lab puppy

487. butterfly wing closeup yellow blue navy

488. large black horse blue cyan saddle and decorations

489. black lop bunny rabbit

490. baby grey pig

491. peacock blue feathers

492. green frog family

493. dreaming cat at ocean rail

494. orange kitten and fluffy mom

495. adorable llama 

496. wide eyed cat

497. round eared adorable mouse

498. green eyed beautiful cat

499. grey tabby kitten

500. Himalayan horse

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