Privacy instead of fame

3 Years 7 Months: Detox Lifestyle

This is my "Oh brother...." face.  You know your face is becoming famous, when people start
using it to promote their products.   
Here's a link to a facial exercise device. Take a good look at :14 seconds 
Look familiar?  It's a compliment that someone is inspired by my face.  
But contracting your lips from side to side will give you 'monkey mouth'. 
Been there, done that... haha

One thing I am most proud of is staying anonymous. I will always be that way.


  1. Hello!
    I admire you for having gotten a face without wrinkles!
    I'm from Spain and my English is poor. I am 35 and I have frown because I tend to make this gesture. I'm doing Tonya Zavasta 's exercises and I follow 95% raw food!
    My goal is to reach 100% of raw food and hopefully get to erase this marks... Could you give me some advice?
    Do you have transcrips of your audio?
    Best wishes

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    1. Thanks for your answer!! I am going to buy your audio-book through my husband!
      Could you tell me the link when he can get it?

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  4. I am part of the CFS dumping ground for alot of health problems, causing me to quit my job and knocking me right off my feet and into bed for months. Just started, 1st time, h2o2 IV therapy with Holistic Doctor along with Vit C IV. Was told I would feel better faster, along with taking Pro Boost and a few other peptides.
    Very encouraged by your blog.....raw diet may be the next step for me. Ive been eating clean whole foods now for about a year. Seeing a Nutritionist and shes addressing a gut issue and adrenal fatique. Has me eating healthy fats. Raw foods certainly gets you the 70% veg. needed in your diet. Do you feel that Green drinks you make from powder are in this catagory?

  5. Aloha,

    Hello...this is the first time I have been able to comment on something I've read online without being forced to create a profile of some sort. So, I never end up commenting on anything.

    To get to the point, I have been very interested in the Raw/Vegan lifestyle for a long time, but with all the contradictory information out there, I got discouraged and never actually did it for longer than a few weeks....not near long enough to see any real long-term results.

    I am 34, but in my opinion, I am looking closer to 40. I have sun-damage and melasma type patches on my cheek bone area, nose, and under my eyes. It's frustrating to see me looking older within a matter of days/months. I've always had freckles on my nose and right above the apples of my cheeks, but the melasma patches started about 8 months ago - right after we moved to Hawaii. All this increase in UV levels has wreaked havoc on my skin. I don't know why, but it seems sunblock (all types - chemical or physical) makes my skin damage worse. So, the main thing I can do to help with the higher UV, makes the dark patches worse. My face is getting older by the day and I am running out of options. All the things I've been told that should be helpful - aren't. Sun protection makes things worse - so I would like to see if I could improve things with my diet.

    I have a higher fat percentage than I would like and my energy levels aren't as high as I think they should be - I'm always wishing I had more energy. I am concerned my fitness journey will be affected negatively if I go on a Raw/Vegan diet.....because, I am afraid I won't have the energy the get through my workouts.

    I also did some research about melasma and some "experts" claim a lot of vegetarians or raw foodists get melasma frequently due to having an elevated level of copper in their systems - which comes from all the vegetables (leafy greens - that are high in copper). That's great for wrinkles, but not so great with the negatives effects that comes with elevated coppers levels - which directly affects estrogen levels - making one estrogen dominant. Being estrogen dominant has been shown to cause melasma.

    I am here to get your opinions on all of this, because I really would love to become a Raw/Vegan foodist and I want some reassurance that my melasma won't get worse - and that there might actually be a chance this condition will get better.

    I am tired of looking old, being "plump", being tired, and feeling lousy about my life. I am very interested in your response. I would give you my personal email, but you are not the only person that reads this and I am concerned someone might use it for ill purposes. I don't have Facebook, so I cannot communicate with you that way either.

    Please, let me know how I could keep in correspondence with you about all of this. I'm ready for things to change and I love how much research you have done. You don't rely on just one person for all your facts. You take something from one, something else from another, and you know there is so much more to be discovered - meaning we will always be learning.

    I look forward to your reply!