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60 Vegan & Vegetarian Healthy Lifestyle Inspiration Pictures

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It's been an exciting month for my research:

#118. Detox Link: Beauty--->41

One issue that many raw vegans face is teeth problems. This is not due to a lack of nutrition in the diet. 
It's because the body uses up it's alkalinity removing toxins from the system. Teeth become porous. 

There is something in the animal world that is almost identical to human teeth and bones. I use it every day. 
It saved my teeth! (Remember that I bottomed out at 4.8PH?)

#139. Detox Link: Beauty--->50

I think I know Valery Smagliy's 'secret food' for 3cm long eyelashes. 
He needed to cut them because they got too heavy. 
Look at those lashes!

I'm experimenting with it, and will post my results.

#137. Detox Link: Fat Loss--->12

I'm using a beauty device (home use) to fat reduce my 'winter love handles'. I lost 10 lbs and 2 inches in 4 half hour treatments. 

It's so easy :) 40-24-40...here I come!

--->Reminder: I am looking for girls who would LOVE to do what I do, and have a set limit for availability.

My intention is to move on to other projects before 2019, when hubby & I will be fully immersed in Asia. I will be diving into my photography and become a travel blogger.

You will only hear my voice in videos, and comments in my detox library. 
Essentially, I will be invisible, which is perfect for my artistic nomad lifestyle.

I know that it sounds weird, to want to move through the world without attention. 
Most people want fame. But that's literally the LAST thing I want :)

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Vegetarians & Vegans Inspiration -pix 1-60

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I dedicate this page to everything that inspires me to be vegan!

1.  Petra Nemcova- born 1979- in her late 30's looking so young as a vegan

2.  This is a great picture of Petra. You can see that she isn't photoshopped. She is in the same genetic group as I am. She has recessive genes- not having black hair and dark eyes. Our genetic weaknesses include lymph issues. See the puffiness below her eyes, on her cheek, right down to the nasiolabial line? As a vegan, this is only slight. If she was eating a lot of animal products, it would be a much bigger problem.
3.  Petra, is 5 years younger than me. It's a great comparison picture because she's just an average beautiful woman in this picture. She's been a vegan since 2007. She's aging, but obviously still modelling. Pictures like this show realistic results as a vegan. However, many vegans still eat sugar and gluten- 2 major aging factors.
4.  I love Petra's hair here. As we get older, it becomes harder to grow long, thick hair. She must be getting enough minerals on her vegan diet. (She usually has long hair, so I don't think it's extensions).
5.  I'm very interested in long term vegan's teeth. Many people start losing minerals and have teeth problems. (Actually non-vegans have this problem too). Petra has been vegan for 7 years or so. If you look through her career pictures, her teeth look exactly the same. It doesn't look like she's had caps (fake teeth). So her teeth are still doing great (with a bit of whitening of course). Petra is getting enough minerals as a vegan because both her hair and teeth look amazing!
6.  I don't have a date for this picture. Claudia Schiffer is quite young here. In interviews up until she was 38 or so, she says that she eats fruit in the morning, and veggies for lunch. She eats veggies and chicken or fish for supper. It is in the last few years that she became vegan/vegetarian.
7.  “I don’t diet because it messes up your metabolism. Instead, I eat three meals a day, particularly lots of fruit for breakfast because it’s cleansing and quickly digested by the body and I try hard not to snack in between meals.”
8.  I'm not positive if Claudia is vegan or vegetarian. But it's great seeing someone in the public eye, talk about living on veggies, especially during a pregnancy
9.  Great comparison picture of Claudia. What is noteworthy is that the whites of her eyes are quite good. This is a reflection of how clean the water in her cells are. But it shows that even someone that is aging well, can still use some help.
10.  This is a great natural picture of Claudia. She is several years older than me, plus has recessive genes like me. But notice that she has very little puffiness to her face. She only has a teeny bit below her eye orbital bone. This means that her lymph is moving well. Great for her. Vegan/vegetarianism is really helping her stay young looking.
11.  Lindsay Wagner, one of my favorite TV shows of all time, is Bionic Woman!  This was taken in 1976, and she was born 1949.  She's 27 here.  She has been a vegetarian most of her life, and at times vegan.  This is before her major car accident.  In later pictures, you will see the scar on her lip.
12.  You can see that this is after her accident. Her lip scar shows on the left corner.  I think her story is interesting because even after this horrible accident, she went on working, and looking beautiful.  But if you watch the series, you can see that it aged her.  However, I think her diet must have helped greatly in her recovery.  This is still 1976.

12.  This is 1981, on the movie 'Night hawks'. She is 32, but actually looking older than that.  Trauma to the body takes time to heal!

13.  And here's 1982, and Lindsay has recovered much more now.  You can see it in her beauty.  That healthy glow outside means her internal health is much better than just after the accident.
15.  Here she is in 1994, at age 45.  I think she looks amazing!  And I m always interested in vegan/vegetarian's hair quality.  Often as we age, our hair doesn't always look very think and shiny.  But her's looks really good. This means she's getting enough plant minerals

17.  Raquel Welch was born 1940.  This picture was taken 1970, so she's 30!  She is already aging well-
she could pass for mid-20's.
16.  OK, Raquel Welch is not vegetarian.  But we can learn so much from her because she looks amazing.  She avoids gluten.  This is so important because it gums up the colon, preventing us from absorbing nutrition.  It makes us bloat and GMO can cause leaky gut, stressing the immune system.  When our immunity isn't 100%, we don't repair properly.  This can make us age quickly.  Raquel has also maintained a great waist line.  (At her most famous, she was 23"!)  Gaining weight around the waist is visceral fat which makes our hormones go out of wack.  We need our hormones to stay balanced to be healthy and beautiful.

18.  I have this picture of Raquel in 1979, age 39, to show that stresses in life can catch up with anyone, even the most gorgeous of women.  She looks very tired here.  Her under eye bags show her kidneys can't keep up with lack of rest, and/or acidic foods, salt, sugar or other chemicals (smoking).
19. Here's one of the secrets to Raquel's youthful looks.  Her body is incredibly flexible.  When you do poses like this, blood pools in the constricted areas, then a high pressure flush cleans out the area when we move out of the position.  This moves garbage out of every nook and cranny in the body.  A key to remaining alkaline like a child is to get acid (toxins ) out of the body.  She made this video in 1987, when she was 47!  She can do the full splits, and backbends. Plus these exercises teach you to breath deep and slowly.  This allows the body to absorb the oxygen where it needs it, oxidizing toxins.  
20.  Back to Raquel's diet.  She looks amazing here in her 70's.  She's taken very good care of herself.  Her facial contours are almost the same as in the 60's, especially her eyes.  The only issue she has is a bit of puffiness down the side of her nose, from under eye to nasiolabial line.  This is related to the endocrine system.  But her kidneys (eye bags), liver (frown lines) and colon (nasiolabial line) are amazing!  She's better than most 40 year olds.  Back to what she avoids: 1.  sugar- causes wrinkles, depletes vitamins and minerals  2.  salt- table salt is inorganic (hasn't gone through photosynthesis in a plant) plus is mostly sodium.  We need 3 potassium ions for every sodium.  Table salt isn't usable, and irritates tissues.  3. caffeine- especially in the form of coffee is extremely acidic, the opposite of what a glowing child is (alkaline).  You can see from Raquel's whites of her eyes that her cellular water is quite clean (not perfect, she is a bit yellowish).  But she proves to me something I've believed for a long time.  A meat/eggs/veggies/fruit eater that avoids gluten, sugar, salt, dairy, and caffeine is better off than a vegan who eats lots of gluten, sugar, coffee and processed vegan foods.  Plus I think those are her real teeth!  Thanks Raquel for being such a great example for us.

Animal Quotes, Animal Rights & Religions's photo:
21.  To motivate me to stay vegan, I often use pictures like this because it heightens my love for animals.  Pictures that show cruelty, don't work for me.  Those that show the loving hearts of animals make my heart melt!
The Yellow Lab and His Duckling
22.  In an ideal world, when animals are happy and well-fed, they often are at peace with other species.  I love duckies and want them to live long happy lives!
The Cat and Her Squirrel
23.  From Buzzfeed:  Animals show compassion.  "Chestnut the baby squirrel was found abandoned and perishing by a woman taking her kids to school one day. The woman scooped up the squirrel and took him back home, where he refused to eat. Her husband then proposed that they put the squirrel in the mix with the litter of kittens their cat had just given birth to. Luckily the squirrel fit right in and began to nurse on the mama Cat! Now he’s just another healthy member of the family."
The Boxer and His Kid
24.  From Buzzfeed:  We can learn so much from animals who become protective of  those less fortunate.  "When three kids were born to a mother goat at the Pennywell Farm Wildlife Center in the U.K., things did not look good for the runt. Seeing this, the owner promptly started to bottle-feed and raise the baby goat, Lilly, herself. When the woman’s boxer, Billy, saw the little goat, his paternal instincts kicked in and he began to clean her. Now the two are inseparable, following each other around and cuddling up at night."
The Springer Spaniel and Her Lambs
25.  From Buzzfeed:  Looking to the needs of others- "Jess the spaniel acts as a surrogate mother to several orphaned lambs, and feeding them out of a bottle is no gimmick. Her owner says all she did was teach Jess to hold the bottle and then the pup took over feeding duties, galloping to hungry lambs around the 180-acre farm."
The Border Collie and His Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Piglets
26.  From Buzzfeed:  You know dogs are carnivores, right?  "In 1997, four piglets were dropped off at the Blue Cross Animal Hospital in the U.K., after being rejected by their mother. The official greeter for the veterinary hospital, a border collie named Mac, saw the piglets and immediately began to lick and cuddle the bunch."
The Great Dane and His Fawn
27.  From Buzzfeed:  Dogs can sense illness, but to show compassion and protection is SO incredible!  "The Secret World Wildlife Rescue Center, a sanctuary and rescue facility in Somerset, England, welcomed a deathly ill day-old fawn abandoned by her mother. She was greeted by the founder’s son’s Great Dane, Rocky, who immediately began to treat her as his own. Rocky and the fawn, Cindy, quickly became inseparable, going on daily walks and nuzzling up together.
The Cow and Her Lambs
28. From Buzzfeed:  Doesn't this look strange?  Sheep milking a cow?  The difference is, the cow is allowing it to happen, not being forced to give her milk.   "When the mother of these two lambs was not able to fulfill her maternal duty, the couple running a small New Zealand farm had to take action. They introduced the lambs to Little Brown and the trio immediately bonded."
The Rabbit and Her Kittens
29.  From Buzzfeed:  I only had rabbit once.  The cook made me feel guilty.  As I choked it down, I just kept thinking how I was eating one of my favorite animals.  Small farmers often have a difficult time raising animals.  They often name them, befriend them and love them.  It REALLY hurts to kill them after :(  "When Melanie Humble took in a litter of 5-week-old kittens, she expected her cat to take over the mothering duties. To her surprise, her then-outdoor bunny came indoors and began to treat the kittens as her own!"
The Chihuahua and His Baby Marmoset
30.  From Buzzfeed:  I just had to add this in here.  It warms my heart to see the love in this relationship!  
"A small zoo with a program to save certain endangered Latin American animals had a group of marmosets that weren’t getting along. In order to protect the youngest marmoset from harm, the overseers decided to give him a companion by the way of a chihuahua named Sam. Daily, Sam would take the marmoset on rides outdoors where he could get some exercise and TLC. On the days Sam was too tired to take the Marmoset (after all, their difference in weight was not great), a golden retriever took charge. Yay teamwork!"
This baby cow getting groomed by his little human.
31.  When children develop early bonds with animals, they often let their friendship for them, change their food choices.
These ducklings playing with their new pig friend.
32.  Everyone in this adorable picture is FOOD! :(
This inspirational lamb.
33.  Lambs!  When I was a kid, I visited a friends farm.  I fell in love with these little critters :)  It somehow, triggered a gag reflex over the years, when I ever tried eating mutton.
This chipmunk with the most AMAZING little feet.
34.  Awww...so many people hunt squirrels.....
“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.”   ? James Herriot
35.  Animals friendships:)
25 Hedgehogs Trying To Escape Their Identity
36.  Perfect hairbrush?  haha
I wish people who keep cats in cages and skin them for their fur,
could watch more videos like this, to view them differently.
Just because it doesn't seem right, doesn't mean there can't be a friendship in these animals
37.  A lesson in friendship, and looking past our differences.
Deer teaches us to be gentle, to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are in our lives. Don't push people to change, rather gently nudge them in right direction, with the love that comes from deer. Love and accept people as they are. The balance of true power lays in love and compassion. L’arche de noé | Eleonore Bridge

38.  Found on leblogdelamechante.fr   Deer teaches us to be gentle, to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are in our lives. Don't push people to change, rather gently nudge them in right direction, with the love that comes from deer. Love and accept people as they are. The balance of true power lays in love and compassion. L’arche de noé | Eleonore Bridge

They may try to make a quick exit to avoid the conversation.....“The Christmas tree was knocked over? Uh… Gotta go.”
39.  From buzzfeed:  How animals brighten our day!  How to tell if your cat is lying to you!  #1  Quick exits...
How To Tell If Your Cat Is Lying To You
40.  From buzzfeed:  How to tell your cat is lying to you!  #2  The lamp is broken?  Gotta go.....
How To Tell If Your Cat Is Lying To You
41.  From buzzfeed:  How to tell your cat is lying to you!  #3  Rapid fluctuations in eye pupils.
42.  Sloth chilling....We're just at the begging of understanding animals lives, feelings,
and even how much joy they can bring to our lives!

bear animated GIF
43.  We just have no idea what animals are thinking, or capable of.   I should try this next time a bear goes through our campground....:)
Walrus sit-ups exercise
44.  Our animal friends can be our personal trainers too!
Manatee squash face into glass
45.   "I want to be your friend!......urg...oh the disappointment....""
46.  Maggie Q. was born 1979 and has been vegan for many years.  " I've never felt better in my life, ever.  In terms of consciousness, what benefits our body and benefits animal welfare also benefits the planet.  It's all connected,"
47.  She has really good hair.  This is a great sign that her nutrition as a vegan is great.
I like this quote about dairy/veal industry:
“The first thing I always say to people ... cows don’t lactate unless they’re pregnant. We are taking milk from an animal that is reserving it in a special state for its child. But instead of the cow being able to feed its child, the animal is born, it gets ripped away from its mother, and gets thrown into a veal box so that whatever restaurant can have veal sandwiches, and this poor cow can get her milk taken from her until she’s dry. Then when she’s dry, what do they do? They artificially inseminate her and keep getting her pregnant for seven years. Seven years.
48.  She's 5'-6" and 105 lbs.  That sounds crazy skinny, but she is part Vietnamese, who are usually small boned.  “I feel better, I have more energy on and off the set, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I’m doing something to help stop animal suffering,” she said of her vegan diet in 2008.
From drgullo.com:  
" On a typical day, Maggie Q will eat fresh fruit for breakfast, along with a smoothie that contains barley milk and spirulina"  
"For lunch, (she) often eats lentil stew, ...and steamed rice.  She also eats kale."
"If she gets hungry in the afternoon, Maggie often eats brown rice crackers with peanut butter.  A typical dinner is a salad that features cooked quinoa..., mixed greens, and a baked sweet potato."

Image result for maggie q
49.  This is what I'm interested in, the whites of her eyes.  It doesn't look like they photoshopped them, or else they would be blindingly white.  Her whites look good, which is a good reflection of her how her liver is doing.  In iridology, Dark hair and eyed people are in the dominant gene pool.  Their weaknesses are often sticky blood, and liver issues.  If the liver can't keep up with toxins, the eyes whites often turn grey or yellow.  So she's doing great!
50A.  This is a recent picture of her. She's 35 here.  Look past the skin.  Her large pores are not a reflection of her health.  Remember, as an actress, she is constantly wearing thick makeup, which is horrible for the skin.  She has slight fluid retention around the eyes, but this can come and go based on sleep, and over-doing it.  Overall, I think she's a wonderful inspiration to be vegan!  I'm thinking she should re-evaluate her makeup choices.  I think some of her eye makeup is actually causing that greyness.  She has plenty of pictures showing her whites, being very white.
50B.  And can I point out how strong she is?  Wowwee!  This shows that even if a person is tiny (105lbs),
it might still be just right for them.
Natalie Portman Thor 2 cropped.png
51.  Natalie Portman was born 1981, so she's in her mid-thirties.  She's been vegetarian and vegan.
I think she is interesting for 2 reasons:

1.  She's not 20 anymore but she's still 'cute'.  I've had a hard time explaining what I see as 'cute'.  Because I'm a photographer, I study faces.  I notice that people in their mid-thirties still look beautiful or handsome.  But when you compare them to their 20's, that cuteness is gone.

I think her diet is the key.   As an actress, she wants to stay slim.  As a vegan, you can eat MUCH more food for the same number of calories, than if you were eating animal products.  As a vegan, you can eat all you want, without being hungry, and still be at the lower end of a healthy BMI.

But eating high calorie foods (meat and dairy in particular), and restricting calories, women seem to lose it off their face (and chest).  If you constantly are hungry to lose weight, it always seems to make us look older and more rectangular or pear shaped.  So life lesson is: never be hungry.  You body is telling you what it needs!

2.  She was vegan until her pregnancy.  Then she began eating eggs and dairy.  I think this is insightful.  She was listening to her body.

I notice many vegans and vegetarians who have grey hair, and wrinkles and seem to age like anyone else.  They have nutritional deficiencies, but don't take care of it, or don't know how.

In my own experience, I've craved smoked salmon in the winter.  I realized that I was low in vitamin D.  Because the meat is smoked, not cooked, it still has much of the nutrition the animal had in it's body.

It's very important to eat as simply as possible, but with variety.  This allows your brain to remember what specifically is in each food.  When you crave it, your body is telling you it wants more of what it got last time.

I think Natalie is going to look cute for years to come because she is very good to herself!
52.  baby loves veggies:)
53.  The longer I detox, the more flexible I get!  I want to do this one day!
54.  All animals are capable of love :)
55.  This inspires me to dance!
56.  Ballet is so beautiful!
57.  So stinkin' funny!
58.  Ahhh to feel this stretch!
Image result for dancers pose yoga
59.  dancer's pose
Image result for ballet yoga
60.  back bend at it's most beautiful!

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