6 Years Detoxification: Age 43

6 Years Detoxification: Age 43
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It took 5 years to detox all the way back to my childhood vaccines. 
I first had to purge Hep. A/B vaccines, numerous anti-biotics, tetracyclene, accutane, the 'pill', 
fluoride, and mercury filling toxicity

This last year was intense for repair, and cleaning out old emotions.

Some of the key factors I always kept track of, were:

1. Saliva PH:

Healthy saliva is 7.2 for teeth to re-mineralize. If it is low, the whole body is suffering. Every organ and system is dealing with too much acid, and not enough alkalinity to neutralize it.

2. Stink in the washroom:

Sounds nasty but stinky poo is anaerobic. Aerobic poo is full of healthy bacteria that has plenty to eat. 
This is the basis of absorbing nutrition.

3. Waking up happy, on 4-5 hours sleep:

Whenever I wake up groggy, and slept 8 or more hours, it meant I didn't have enough oxygen, 
ate low quality food, or was in herxheimer (too many toxins in the bloodstream).

When my detox lifestyle is optimal, I sleep from 10pm til 3am, and feel so happy and excited.
It always meant I was all caught up with the previous day's toxin dump.

4. Super white whites of the eyes:

If my liver was keeping up with my detox, my whites look amazing!

5. Great hair and teeth:

When animals are unwell, the first sign is loss of fur. Beautiful hair in humans means our PH is normal 
(enough alkalinity to grow hair), and our hormones are balanced.

As our PH drops lower and lower, our teeth become glassy looking. 
And our teeth are just a reflection of our bones.

I have never pushed my body to detox. I've developed my intuition, and listened to what it wanted. 
I have been as gentle as possible, and I have been rewarded for it!

199 Pictures of Nature Sunsets Flowers Beautiful Places

Luv:)ly Nature pix 1-199

#beautiful #places #clouds #flowers #mushrooms #nature #sunsets, #travel .
12.  whirlpool galaxy
13.  flying birds & sunset
14.  rainbow tulips
15.  yellow daffodils with boat
16.  colored flowers
17.  purple sunset with tree & birds
18.  hanging garden
19.  white orchard
20.  blue flowers on stone steps
21.  amsterdam
22.  ladder into green waters
23.  ahh tulips
24.  moon bridge
25.  red forest
26.  flip flops in rice paddy
27.  scotland
28.  purple trees
29.  light beam through waves
30.  mushrooms
31.  snowflake
32.  pink winter
33.  old boats
34.  queensland
35.  wish I could visit whenever I wanted to..
36.  grapes
37.  misty trees
38.  maples
39.  fluffy
40.  pink flowers
41.  tree reflection
42.  lion statue
43.  Portugal
44.  purple flowers
45.  droplets
46.  blue flower
47.  mossy reflection
48.  tree & fence

49.  floating...
50.  drops & color
51.  yellow & greenery
52.  pink peony
53.  tulips on window sill
54.  blue gold sunset
55.  baby foot awww
56.  purple wintery tree
57.  blue moon
58.  purple sunset
59.  circle rainbow
60.  weeds & sunset
61.  tunnel & vines
62.  sand paintings
63.  glittery spiky plants
64.  green grain
65.  green leaf & dew
66.  lupine
67.  frosty rose
68.  rainbow autumn colors
69.  morning sunshine
70.  white tree cyan sky
71.  stain glass butterfly
72.  purple flowers & cottage
73.  river of flowers
74.  railroad taken by forest
75.  moss forest magenta
76.  maples
77.  pink highway
78.  1000 year old snow
79.  mountain lake sunset
80.  autumn staircase
81.  philippines
82.  swirly coconut tree
83.  green light
84.  autumn morning
85.  red leaf carpet
86.  blue winter
87.  cool roots
88.  natural bridge
89.  indigo winter
90.  love
91.  arizona
92.  purple pink sunset
93.  purple flower
94.  lightening strike
95.  Rose sky reflected by Keith Britton
96.  alaska
97.  dahlia
98.  flowers in tea cups
99.  orange tulip
100.  nature's stained glass
101.  violet winter
102.  tree growing on tree
103.  oriental maple
104.  tree circles
105.  colorful autumn
106.  girl by water
107.  open pink waterlily
108.  blooming cacti
109.  red tree, washington
110.  pink water lily buds
111.  British Columbia
112.  pink poppies
113.  field of hyacinths
114.  leaves on staircase
115.  purple tree
116.  white lacy tree
117.  purple petals on pond
118.  purple alley
119.  cherry blossom forest
120.  flower reflections in droplets
121.  australia
122.  sunny flower
123.  swing in blue forest
124.  spain forest
125.  texas tree & sunrise
126.  wisteria
127.  Dawn behind the Eiger, Bernese Alps, Switzerland - Chris Morrison
128.  purple tulip
129.  lavender france
130.  cherry blossom clusters
131.  green light on pink flowers
132.  bluebonnets in texas
133.  lovely italy
134.  pink light
135.  curved staircase & flowers
136.  light through cherry blossoms
137.  tulips & narcissi
138.  dripping bleeding hearts
139.  yellow flower, purple background
140.  lime in pink
141.  pink flower details
142.  pastel hibiscus
143.  lacy flowers & dress
144.  yellow & purple flower close-up
145.  mustard yellow
146.  purple arch
147.  ink explosion
148.  white snow, red leaves
149.  elephants at sunset
150.  flaming dandelion
151.  phoenix nebula
152.  Trifid Nebula NGC 6514 Nebula
153.  northern lights behind trees
154.  pink misty waves
155.  grey & white tiger flower
156.  red northern lights
157.  The Milky Way, over Malaysia
158.  solar loops
159.  pink trees & clouds
160.  orange princess tulip
161.  purple glassy tulips
162.  cyan flower
163.  rainbow branches
164.  wisteria
165.  Fern Forest, Jamaica
166.  ladybug on cherry stem heart
167.  flower & light
168.  reading place
169.  pink tulip sunset
170.  white swan glow
171.  droplets
172.  colors from pollution
173.  pink orange blossom
174.  mossy creek
175.  yellow peach rose
176.  purple elegance
177.  Dewdrop Refraction by Lord V
178.  painted birdhouses
179.  pink poppies
180.  tuscany hills
181.  Pontrieux in Brittany France

Hollyhock 'New Dawn'
182.  Hollyhock 'New Dawn'
Pink rose
183.  the glory of perfect lighting
Blue star creeper - a tough ground cover
184.  Blue star creeper - a tough ground cover
185.  amazing details
Tulip Gold
186.  Tulip Gold
187.  love the sunflowers, not  the lighting
Bright Poppies
188.  Bright Poppies
189.  pink Poppy
Spring Lillies, #Washington
190.  Spring Lillies
White poppies
191.  White poppies
Australia's Amazing Bioluminescent Lake. An unusually high concentration of Noctiluca scintillans, a bioluminescent microorganism, turned the water a bright, glowing, ethereal blue.
192.  Australia's Amazing Bioluminescent Lake. An unusually high concentration of Noctiluca scintillans, a bioluminescent microorganism, turned the water a bright, glowing, ethereal blue.
magakushiyama park, japan • taromatsumura
193.  magakushiyama park, japan • taromatsumura
194.  pink & green lighting
195.  love sunflowers
196.  callas
reactivating:    wow grapes are pretty
197.  wow grapes are pretty
198.  x-rays:)
above. below.
199.  above. below.
Steptoe Butte, Washington
Steptoe Butte, Washington
beautiful dew drops
beautiful dew drops
trees on ridge
I love moss covered trees
I love moss covered trees
this inspires me to surf

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