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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

505 Makeup, Beauty & Hair Pictures

3. hair 322-505

 #Hair #Makeup #style #beauty #good #happy #beautiful #girl #summer #fun #fashion #health #fitness #antiaging #detox 

Glowing skin, long lashes and great hair.  What more does a girl need?

322.  great skin, dark hair & eyes
323.  grey green eyes
324.  bardot-esque
325.  love the lighting
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party
326.  side waves
Edita Vilkeviciute by Camilla Akrans for Industrie Magazine    Live a luscious life with LUSCIOUS:
327.  natural makeup
328.  loose braid
329.  crown braid
330.  long waves, flower crown
Instead of veil or rhinestones in hair. Forest Bridal.
331.  flowers and french braid
500px / Photo “Kamila” by Ali ilker Elci
332.  dark green rimmed eyes
333.  long straight hair
334.  smoky eyes, hippy
Everyday Glamour
335.  eyeliner on upper lid
336.  elegant updo
flowing bangs + wispy long locks. beautiful
337.  swept bangs
338.  extreme red length
339.  extreme long layers
braided ombre hair
340.  braided half updo
341.  wow! champagne super length
i love the simplicity of this
342.  long tendrils
TheyAllHateUs | Page 10
343.  medium eye shadow over whole lid
The Your-Hair-Never-Looked-So-Good Hair Mask!
344.  long burgundy
magdalena frackowiak by ben hassett for vogue germany
345.  sunkissed
346.  gold on gold
Kim Basinger
347.  kim basinger, long blonde
348.  gold glow
ponytail... mine never looks this good-
349.  exercise ponytail
Gorgeous hair AND makeup .
350.  very light blonde
Chocolate brown hair colour with depth
351.  Chocolate brown hair colour with depth
keira knightley
352.  keira knightley
Actress Charlize Theron
353.  Actress Charlize Theron
Keira Knightly
354.  Keira Knightly
Megan Fox
355.  Megan Fox
Evangeline Lilly
356.  Evangeline Lilly
elizabeth taylor •
357.  elizabeth taylor •
Brooke Shields by Sante D' Orazio for Mirabella, 1999.
358.  Brooke Shields by Sante D' Orazio for Mirabella, 1999.
Angelina Jolie | face | celebrity | ram2013
359.  Angelina Jolie 
Drew Barrymore | face | glamor | ram2013
360.  Drew Barrymore
Elizabeth Taylor  /  classic beauty.
361.  Elizabeth Taylor / classic beauty.
Grace Kelly
362.  Grace Kelly
Marilyn Monroe as a brunette
363.  Marilyn Monroe as a brunette
Marilyn Monroe in a costume test for River of No Return (1954)
364.  Marilyn Monroe in a costume test for River of No Return (1954)
Still of Julia Ormond in First Knight
365.  Still of Julia Ormond in First Knight
Catherine Zeta Jones
366.  Catherine Zeta Jones
367.  KN
Julia Roberts
368.  Julia Roberts
Kate Winslet
369.  Kate Winslet
Toni Garrn is a German model. In 2008, she got her big break in the fashion industry after signing an exclusive contract with Calvin Klein. Wikipedia
370. Toni Garrn is a German model. In 2008, she got her big break in the fashion industry after signing an exclusive contract with Calvin Klein. Wikipedia
371. messy braid
messy cool Olive Oil hair style, you know, from Popeye!
372.  messy cool Olive Oil hair style, you know, from Popeye!
great cheekbones
373.  great cheekbones
374.  great volume updo
375.  light pink lipstick
Da Vinci painted a younger Mona Lisa - Lifestyle News - SINA English
376.  a younger Mona Lisa
long hairstyles - Google Search
377.  dark shiny brown hair
2013 Girls' Long Hairstyles
378.  long golden blonde  waves
long hairstyles - Google Search
379.  large volume half updo
380.  long length, swept to side
long hairstyles - Google Search
381.  long angled bangs
braid around bun
382.  braided bun
perfect wavy hair and pink lips
383.  soft waves
Honey blonde hair color
384.  light blonde highlights
cute hair
385.  mostly one length waves
386.  angled french braid bun
Swept up. So elegant.
387.  shiny french twist
loose curls
388.  light blonde
braided bun
389.  messy braided bun
John Galliano Spring/Summer 2009 Makeup
390.  John Galliano Spring/Summer 2009 Makeup
ring around the knot
391.  ring around the knot
392.  dark hair, red lips
10 minute tutorial that shows 5 cute and easy hairstyles.
393.  simple way to keep hair in place
394.  waist length hair
Gold shadow on the bottom lashes helps eyes pop
395.  blue eyes, pink lips, blonde hair
Apartment 34 | Weekend Thoughts & Can’t Miss Links
396.  chestnut brown hair
397.  golden highlights, brown hair
398.  tailbone length hair
beautiful hair
399.  french braided curly braid
400.  fun crown
modern beehive
401.  modern beehive
402.  side swept waves
403.  chin length layers
hair envy
404.  messy braid
cindy crawford // British Vogue // Patrick Dermatchelier
405.  brown hair, lilac colors
406.  beautiful waves
My girl Olivia is too gorgeous for words! Her new hair is amaze! Doing mine next weekend!!
407.  stunning brown hair
{ loose curls }
408.  blonde waves
Need ideas with how to change up your long hair? Check out these great hair tutorials for long hair!
409.  waist length waves
Gene Tierney
410.  Gene Tierney, great cheekbones!
Learn how to Contour and Highlight via
411.  great updo
Medium Hairstyle
412.  my color, great highlights
413.  lovely waves
Great Medium Length Hair
414.  cute bob cut
415.  dark and layered
416.  cool headband
Gorgeous eyes and love that lip colour!
417.  long lashes, neutral lips
418.  extra light blonde highlights
419.  smoky eyes, neutral lips
420.  dark auburn
421.  bright colored cheeks
perfect makeup look
422.  side swept pony tail
Makeup perfection
423.  tan/pink eye shadow
424.  messy bun, winged eyeliner
425.  modern heidi look
look at those eyes
426.  black liner on water line
pretty makeup.
427.  one length with waves
428.  deep side part
Beauty #make-up #model Kristina walther
429.  neutral makeup
430.  purple smoky eyeshadow
Love her makeup #kimkardashian
431.  red lips
Fall makeup
432.  ruby lip color
433.  blue eyeliner
434.  long auburn hair
435.  blonde waves
Marilyn Monroe
436.  Marilyn's great hair volume
Michelle Pfiffer
437.  70's center part
Marilyn Monroe
438.  white eyeshadow, winged eyeliner
messy cool Olive Oil hair style, you know, from Popeye!
439.  cute low bun
440.  sleek head band
Kasia Smutniak's Boho Hairstyle
441.  golden brown waves
Full eyebrows vs. thin.  Very long arch. Embrace the full brow. Instead of always going super thin try a fuller look.
442.  pale pink lipstick
443.  thick blonde hair
Vivian Leigh
444.  dark long lashes
she has GORGEOUS hair
445.  ultra long layers
Audrey Hepburn
446.  cute pixie cut
Keira Knightly
447.  smoky eyes
BEAUTY AT ITS FINEST by Respice Mente Animam, via Behance
448.  bright red lipstick
Zooey Deschanel
449.  magenta lipstick, brown hair
450.  perfect messy blonde hair
451.  cool messy updo
Make-up for green eyes using MUA Undressed Palette
452.  sleek eyeliner
The perfect amount of makeup...beautiful
453.  perfect no makeup look
eyes & brows
454.  liner on top, mascara on bottom look
455.  perfect dewy skin with alot of makeup...
indian bride
456.  east Indian bridal look
brown bronze eyes makeup
457.  neutral eye makeup with hazel eyes
458.  peachy complexion
459.  great eyeliner!
Sophia Loren
460.  original eyeliner look
Keira Knightley
461.  high arch
Amazing eyes....beautiful photo
462.  individual eyelashes in corners
Grace Kelly
463.  strong brows on pale skin
Rita Hayworth
464.  perfect retro makeup
465.  long lashes
“She’s Got the Look” by Conor Doherty
466.  cool eyeliner
467.  blonde sunshine highlights
High ponytails
468.  high ponytail
Become a Barbie Girl For Real With These Barbie Doll Make-up
469.  glittering pink lipstick
470.  platinum blonde ballerina bun
471.  smoky eye, pale lip
beautiful dirty blonde color
472.  neutral brown
smokey eye. lips. eyebrows.
473.  very cool lighting on blue eyes
474.  striking mascara
475.  green smoky eye
The Eyes are striking...
476.  sepia color with lace fan
477.  sweet bob style
478.  shiny dark blonde waves
Short Curly Hair
479.  dark brown eyed, platinum blonde
hair color
480.  long brown waves
GORGEOUS highlights. I want to go to the salon now :)
481.  side swept bangs
482.  gold glitter liner
483.  messy brown waves
Thick and Curly Tips
484.  thick brown layers
485.  Wow! Love the length, color, wave, everything!
486.  Great MM makeup and hair!  Hope the fur is fake
487.  great natural makeup, love the glow
Lisa Eldridge- Old Hollywood Party Makeup
488.  Lisa Eldridge- Old Hollywood Party Makeup
Linda Evangelista
489.  Linda Evangelista
Patterson Maker
490.  Patterson Maker
Gorgeous hair and makeup
491.  Gorgeous hair and makeup
Fresh faced and glowing tan in golden undertones, pink blush and dusky rose sheen lipstick. Lashline with black eyeliner flick and top-lashes richly coated with mascara to give a more made-up look.
492.  Fresh faced and glowing tan in golden undertones, pink blush and dusky rose sheen lipstick. Lashline with black eyeliner flick and top-lashes richly coated with mascara to give a more made-up look.
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493.  great lashes and blusher
Wish I would have taken the time to make my long hair look good instead of always in a messy bun.
494.  great waves!
hair ........Oh....................My.......................Good.....................ness......................<3
495.  shiny!
perfectly shiny hair
496.  even more shiny!
hair color
497.  great medium brown hair
pink gold and brown
498.  pink & brown makeup
Bridesmaid hair - love it all swept back like this
499.  perfect updo
500.  cool nail polish
501.  light brown hair
502.  red flowers in hair
503.  flower wreath
504.  chocolate brown hair
505.  sun kissed blonde

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