My lashes have grown a lot since then too!

6 Years Detoxification: Age 43

6 Years Detoxification: Age 43
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It took 5 years to detox all the way back to my childhood vaccines. 
I first had to purge Hep. A/B vaccines, numerous anti-biotics, tetracyclene, accutane, the 'pill', 
fluoride, and mercury filling toxicity

This last year was intense for repair, and cleaning out old emotions.

Some of the key factors I always kept track of, were:

1. Saliva PH:

Healthy saliva is 7.2 for teeth to re-mineralize. If it is low, the whole body is suffering. Every organ and system is dealing with too much acid, and not enough alkalinity to neutralize it.

2. Stink in the washroom:

Sounds nasty but stinky poo is anaerobic. Aerobic poo is full of healthy bacteria that has plenty to eat. 
This is the basis of absorbing nutrition.

3. Waking up happy, on 4-5 hours sleep:

Whenever I wake up groggy, and slept 8 or more hours, it meant I didn't have enough oxygen, 
ate low quality food, or was in herxheimer (too many toxins in the bloodstream).

When my detox lifestyle is optimal, I sleep from 10pm til 3am, and feel so happy and excited.
It always meant I was all caught up with the previous day's toxin dump.

4. Super white whites of the eyes:

If my liver was keeping up with my detox, my whites look amazing!

5. Great hair and teeth:

When animals are unwell, the first sign is loss of fur. Beautiful hair in humans means our PH is normal 
(enough alkalinity to grow hair), and our hormones are balanced.

As our PH drops lower and lower, our teeth become glassy looking. 
And our teeth are just a reflection of our bones.

I have never pushed my body to detox. I've developed my intuition, and listened to what it wanted. 
I have been as gentle as possible, and I have been rewarded for it!

550 Pictures of My Style Inspiration

clothes pix 401-550

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My style inspiration!

401.  black blazr

402.  modern take on classics
403.  wow!
404.  CARDIGAN style
pearls, sweater & leather
405.  pearls, sweater & leather
Interesting use of wire
406.  Interesting use of wire
407.  lovely
New York Style
408.  New York Style
Love this sweater
409.  Love this sweater
Le Spose di Gio
410.  Le Spose di Gio
.... love
411.  .... love
412.  cool hat
Barbara Bui _
413.  great gold belt
Fur & leather
414. leather and fur, fake maybe?
Chanel? Lovely
415.  stylish suit- Chanel? Lovely
humanoid skirt
416.  humanoid skirt
Lavender coat, black leather skinnies with sparkling silver accessories + heels
416.  Lavender coat, black leather skinnies with sparkling silver accessories + heels
417.  so cozy!
leather, silver, and pearl necklace
418.  Hammered sterling silver and coin pearls leather lariat
cute outfit
419.  cute outfit
Belted Wrap Coat <3 Fashion Style
420.  Belted Wrap Coat ? Fashion Style
Crochet dress, great for fall,
421.  Crochet dress, great for fall,
422.  shawl
Gorgeous! Hooded Leather Jacket
423.  Gorgeous! Hooded Leather Jacket
black outfit
424.  black outfit
leather jacket + chunky scarf + bright lip
425.  eather jacket + chunky scarf + bright lip
Kate Moss
426.  Kate Moss
427.  boho style :)
428.  Hand Knit Turtleneck Poncho with sleeves Made to order Pick…
leggins and layers
429.  leggins and layers
430.  chanel
431.  Vintage Floral Tapestry Bag With Wooden Handles
432.  huge dress
winter layers
433.  winter layers
434.  white cuffs, striped bottom
435.  teeny polkadots
high waisted, belted
436.  high waisted, belted
437.  blue jacket
Gucci jacket, skirt and belt, Chanel gloves.
438.  Gucci jacket, skirt and belt, Chanel gloves.
Candice Swanepoel
439.  long black dress
turtleneck and tulle
440.  turtleneck and tulle
441.  great skirt
Ombre hair.
442.  cool jacket
striped bag
443.  Black stripe / Shoulder Bag / Cross body bag …
by BagyBags on Etsy
bundle up
444. bundle up in cool-ness:)
Catrinel Menghia
445.  Catrinel Menghia
446.  RL
 447.  Chanel
Trench Coat: Romwe,   Bag: Chanel, Heels: Christian, Louboutin
 448.  flesh colored coat
449.  purple and pink
Blugirl A/W 2013
450.  Blugirl A/W 2013
451.  neutrals
 452.  warm and cozy
453.  Blush
454.  white sweater
cable knit sweater dress love
455.  cable knit sweater dress love
Comfy cozy
 456.  Comfy cozy
 457.  fun sweaters
Donna Karan...Neiman Marcus
458.  Donna Karan...Neiman Marcus
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459.  all white
460.  red jacket, hat
White sweater, scarf, jeans and leather boots...perfect Fall outfit!
461.  White sweater, scarf, jeans and leather boots...perfect Fall outfit!
 462.  beautiful!
Pre-Order Marchesa S/S 2014
463.  Marchesa S/S 2014
464.  blazer
 465.  casual
466.  Neutrals
467.  dark red dress
Canvas art dress
468.  Canvas art dress
Tuesday Ten: November Style Tips
469.  fun long sleeve shirt with bow on skirt
Princess Dress
470.  princess dress
Bottega Veneta, f/w 2014.
471.  Bottega Veneta, f/w 2014.
Street Style London SS14.
472.  Street Style London SS14.
fantasy dress white on a carousel in Paris!!
473.  fantasy dress white on a carousel in Paris!!
Elie Saab.
474.  Elie Saab.
#Krikor Jabotian, Couture S/S 2014
475.  Jabotian, Couture S/S 2014
Pallas Couture Bridal S/S 2014
476.  Pallas Couture Bridal S/S 2014
26 Wonderful Evening Gowns For Pretty Women
477.  black lace
Aqua Valentino
478.   aqua Valentino
Abed Mahfouz

479.  Abed Mahfouz

480.  Ballerina
Judith Ripka
481.  Judith Ripka
482.  classy & modest, would love it in cobalt blue or lavender or both:)
Elie Saab Haute Couture * Spring 2014
483.  Elie Saab Haute Couture * Spring 2014
14k Gold Marquise Ring- Simulated Marquise Diamond Ring-Marquise Engagement Ring-Bridal Jewelry-CZ Diamond Ring-Simulated Diamond-White Gold...
484.  14k Gold Marquise Ring-
485.  perfect shape for my figure!
486.  love the lace
487.  I love long skirts, tightly fitted sleeves and waist!  And love the horsies too!
488.  great neckline
489.  beautiful corset
490.  puffy sleeves
fairy wings
491.  sparkly ribboned skirt
Extremely gorgeous wedding dress
492.  gorgeous wedding dress
493.  East Indian sparkle
Once Upon A Time's & Happily Ever After's
494.  head to toe lavender! LOVE!
495.  Marchesa
Viking model from  Vegvisir - A pure viking blog
496.  Viking model
497.  love the banded sleeves
Annamen on the sands
498.  Annamen on the sands
wedding dress - Stunning! <3
499.  stunning wedding dress
noircaviar:  Versace | Details

500.  noircaviar: Versace | Details

501.  lace and movement
sweater with skirt.
502.  warm sweater
white shirt, black jeans and chain handbag=casual chic
503.  classic chic
Lace Maxi Dress / H & M

504.  Lace Maxi Dress / H & M

So pretty...
505.  victorian style
Jessica Alba hair
506.  love the open shoulders
Hippie Style ?
507.  gypsy flow
Harper's Bazaar 1956, Lillian Bassman
508.  Harper's Bazaar 1956, Lillian Bassman
long hair
509.  simple
510. red velvet
Medieval Viking Gown
511.  Medieval Viking Gown
Rossetti:" Ophelia" - Waterhouse inspired Pre-Raphaelite dress.
512.  Rossetti:" Ophelia" - Waterhouse inspired Pre-Raphaelite dress.
Jane Seymour  -  'Somewhere In Time'  1980
513.  Jane Seymour - 'Somewhere In Time' 1980
beautiful medieval dress
514.  beautiful medieval dress
Medieval dress

515.  Medieval dress

“a pointe to remember”:
516.  “a pointe to remember”:
517.  love the sleeves
518.  fall romance
The White Queen | Rebecca Ferguson as Elizabeth Woodville
519.  The White Queen | Rebecca Ferguson as Elizabeth Woodville
520.  Armor
Snow Maiden
521.  Snow Maiden
? Romance of the Maiden ?  Christian Lacroix Haute Couture for French Vogue
522.  ? Romance of the Maiden ? Christian Lacroix Haute Couture for French Vogue
Elie Saab
523.  Elie Saab
silver wedding dress LOVE THIS!! <3
524.  silver wedding dress LOVE THIS!! ?
swan by Elena Kucher, via 500px
525.  swan by Elena Kucher, via 500px
Hamda Al Fahim
526.  Hamda Al Fahim
Fairytale castle
527.  Fairytale castle
Ziad Nakad 2013 v
528.  Ziad Nakad 2013 v
Zac Posen
529.  Zac Posen
530. stunning dress
531.  shadows and black dress
532.  frills
533.  boho grey
534.  blue bracelets
535.  lace and arches
536.  luv the strips
537.  boho chic
538.  light boho colors
539.  taffeta flow
540.  shiny wide pants
541.  off the shoulder sweater
542.  dress swing
543.  love this style
544.  lacey sweater sleeve
545.  amazing ring!
Medieval Linen "Wanderer" Dress Robe. This would be so cool for a costume!
546.  lovely grey dress
I REALLY want this
547.  long sweater
Suknie Miss Polonii na Miss Universe 2013!
548.  Poland inspired dress
549.  beige outfit
550.  old world style purse

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