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It's been an exciting month for my research:

#118. Detox Link: Beauty--->41

One issue that many raw vegans face is teeth problems. This is not due to a lack of nutrition in the diet. 
It's because the body uses up it's alkalinity removing toxins from the system. Teeth become porous. 

There is something in the animal world that is almost identical to human teeth and bones. I use it every day. 
It saved my teeth! (Remember that I bottomed out at 4.8PH?)

#139. Detox Link: Beauty--->50

I think I know Valery Smagliy's 'secret food' for 3cm long eyelashes. 
He needed to cut them because they got too heavy. 
Look at those lashes!

I'm experimenting with it, and will post my results.

#137. Detox Link: Fat Loss--->12

I'm using a beauty device (home use) to fat reduce my 'winter love handles'. I lost 10 lbs and 2 inches in 4 half hour treatments. 

It's so easy :) 40-24-40...here I come!

--->Reminder: I am looking for girls who would LOVE to do what I do, and have a set limit for availability.

My intention is to move on to other projects before 2019, when hubby & I will be fully immersed in Asia. I will be diving into my photography and become a travel blogger.

You will only hear my voice in videos, and comments in my detox library. 
Essentially, I will be invisible, which is perfect for my artistic nomad lifestyle.

I know that it sounds weird, to want to move through the world without attention. 
Most people want fame. But that's literally the LAST thing I want :)

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critters R emotion:)al -----pix 1-100

#cats #cute #animals #deer #dogs #lions #squirrels #tigers #wolves pets

gotta love animals!
2.   loving lion 
3.  kittens in yarn 
adorable kittens
4.  adorable kittens 
orange tabby
5.  orange tabby
love between species
6.   love between species
cat and lizard
7.  cat and lizard
contentment anywhere
8.  contentment anywhere
black cat, and pumpkins
9.  black cat, and pumpkins
chickadee and squirrel
10.  chickadee and squirrel
swimming white tiger
11.  swimming white tiger
funny lion
12.  funny lion
sweet snow lepard
13.   sweet snow leopard
black cat, white mustashe
14.  black cat, white mustashe
pink seahorse
15.  pink seahorse
fawn & bobcat
16.  fawn & bobcat
fuzzy yellow ducky
17.  fuzzy yellow ducky
blue eyed cat
18.   blue eyed cat 
baby raccoon
19.  baby raccoon
bunny & bambi fawn
20.  bunny & bambi 
baby ducklings
21.  baby ducklings 
what if I never find out if I'm a puppy or a teddy bear?
22.  what if I never find out if I'm a puppy or a teddy bear? 
baby foxes
23.  baby foxes
24.  pokey
25.  baby bunny
26.  puppy dog face 
27.  cute otter
28.  golden retriever
29.  finger  monkeys
30.  black & white cat
31.  loving koala & baby
32.  love from cat to rottie
33.  giraffe & baby
34.  black kitten
35.  cuddle kittens
36.  life is SO good! cat in sink
37.  squirrel cuddlefest
38.  bahama angel fish
39.  elegant deer
40.  drinkin cat
41.  snow leopard cuddlage
42.  Backlit by Simon Roy
43.  piggy & strawberry
44.  lion loves bambi
45.  bambi & tabby
46.  grey tabbies
47.  lamb & piggy
48.  lamb & goat
49.  horse & tabby
50.  zebra & baby
51.  bear having great day
52.  cuddling ducks
53.  stretching kitten
54.  Off to School 1960-10-26 Fawns
55.  man & dog shadows
56.  cob horse
57.  green headed tanager
58.  bunny whiskers
59.  baby giraffe
60.  fawn nose
61.  sleeping koala
62.  deer lapping water
63.  buck & cat
64.  ladybugs & dew
65.  dewy ladybug
66.  Baby Fennec Fox
67.  lion family
68.  I fit...therefore I sit :)
69.  mouse & flowers
70.  kitten in hammock
71.  I'll hug you, & love you
72.  lynx brothers
73.  tiger nose
74.  black & white family
75.  tiger family
76.  teeny panda
77.  snow leopard eyes
78.  bunny ears in purple field
79.  True compassion: Elephants are among the most emotional creatures in the world. they have been known to rescue other animals such as trapped dogs and cats
80.  fuzzy white bunny
81.  swans frolicking at sunset
82.  green eyed black cat
83.  cat buddies
84.  ducky webbed feet
85.  goat riding horseback on sheep
86.  pandas helping each other
87.  tiger play
88.  cats holding hands
89.  regal & mighty lion
90.  happy happy joy joy froggy
91.  buffalo baby & mommy
92.  beautiful manes, blonde horses
93.  purple butterflies
94.  cool family
95.  fuzzy friend
96.  green blue birds
97.  smiling horses
98.  slouching grizzly
99.  giraffes want to get to know you!
100.  mamma polar bear is always watching!
Sergel Gladyshev

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