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It's been an exciting month for my research:

#118. Detox Link: Beauty--->41

One issue that many raw vegans face is teeth problems. This is not due to a lack of nutrition in the diet. 
It's because the body uses up it's alkalinity removing toxins from the system. Teeth become porous. 

There is something in the animal world that is almost identical to human teeth and bones. I use it every day. 
It saved my teeth! (Remember that I bottomed out at 4.8PH?)

#139. Detox Link: Beauty--->50

I think I know Valery Smagliy's 'secret food' for 3cm long eyelashes. 
He needed to cut them because they got too heavy. 
Look at those lashes!

I'm experimenting with it, and will post my results.

#137. Detox Link: Fat Loss--->12

I'm using a beauty device (home use) to fat reduce my 'winter love handles'. I lost 10 lbs and 2 inches in 4 half hour treatments. 

It's so easy :) 40-24-40...here I come!

--->Reminder: I am looking for girls who would LOVE to do what I do, and have a set limit for availability.

My intention is to move on to other projects before 2019, when hubby & I will be fully immersed in Asia. I will be diving into my photography and become a travel blogger.

You will only hear my voice in videos, and comments in my detox library. 
Essentially, I will be invisible, which is perfect for my artistic nomad lifestyle.

I know that it sounds weird, to want to move through the world without attention. 
Most people want fame. But that's literally the LAST thing I want :)

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Flash:)ion pix 1-163

#beautiful #clothing #bohemian #boho #chic #easy #style #high #fashion #hippy #long #flowy #dresses #skirts
1a.  Jovani / Stunning Black Embellished Gown
1b.  if I could get married all over, I'd wear this!

2.  stone color coat, large lapels
3.  want to buy this, and never buy a purse again!
4.  great sweater and high tan boots
5.  pink striped skirt
6.  beautiful pencil skirt
7.  amazing blazer
8.  pink dress, underwater photography
9.  black lace, off shoulder
10.  love this black and white style
11.  want this filigree ring:)
12.  love this design, emerald and diamonds ring
13.  bat wing, boat neck
14.  Im trying to lower my EMF exposure by not wearing metal, this would be great!
15.  love this sweater, and her tendrils
16.  love the shape of this blazer
17.  one day, I'm going to unravel all my old sweaters and make this!
18.  great sweater and fringe boots, good hair too!
19.  love the styling!
20.  I'd love to make this!
21.  left over colors:)
22.  neutral colors, so romantic
23.  if I could get a pattern, I'd make this simple dress in every color
24.  cyan blue skirt
25.  beads on lace bracelet
26.  voluminous long coat
27.  stylish ladies
28.  graduated color perfect sweater
29.  copper design bracelet
30.  stunning black lace
31.  lovely lacy long summer dress
32.  love this diamond
33.  great highlighted cheek bones
34.  off shoulder snuggly sweater
35.  fun necklace pendant design
36.  delicate little rings
37.  modest but lovely dress
38.  lacy long tunic
39.  super easy knit
40.  intricate wire pendant
41.  DIY oversized t-shirt
42.  cool cage pendant
43.  wow! fringed sparkly dress
44.  light winter green large lapel coat
45.  modest stylish dress
46.  long cardigan & tall cream boots
47.  easy style, I could live in sweaters!
48.  I bought this years ago, but lost it:(
49.  lacy sweater
50.  flowing shiny dress
51.  belted sweater
52.  romantic fuzzy sweater
53.  70's style boho chic
54.  mono-chromatic, super tall & slim dressing
55.  flowy long skirt
56.  fitted sweater with wide hobo belt
57.  modest simple dress in great color!
58.  all white look
59.  long yellow skirt
60.  great wavy blonde hair & white lacy dress
61.  alexander mcqueen
62.  lacy all white
63.  high collar navy jacket
64.  grey black dress
65.  long jersey skirt, easier than sweats!
66.  lacy dress & beautiful hair
67.  cool neckline, velvet black dress
68.  romantic grey coat
69.  purple pink skirt
70.  blonde on blonde on blonde
71.  billowing skirt
72.  black ribbon
73.  50's romantic dress
74.  black & beige dress
75.  simple red dress
76.  wind & dress
77.  long hair straw hat
78.  white boho style
79.  chevron
80.  light blue ring
81.  amazing crochet
82.  lacy elegance
83.  a-line neck
84.  pink frilly coat
85.  awww
86.  alex perry
87.  love this watch
88.  romantic dress
89.  long skirt & horse
90.  love the sleeves
91.  simple style, boat neck - my favorite
92.  elegant bridal
93.  kimono
94.  flowery dress & horse
95.  butterfly dress
96.  long sleeve dress
97.  luv this dress!
98.  modern peasant style
99.  Ralph Lauren cream & white
100.  veil love
101.  shiny ruby trim/belt dress
102.  lacy leather belt
103.  Detail, Ensemble: jacket and skirt, by Monsieur La Ferriere, French, 1900.

104.  all white casual
105.  coral messenger bag
106.  amazing cyan blue intricate heals
107.  lacy white skirt, LOVE
108.  boho fashion, love the soft colors!
109.  Comfy Maxi Dress - wear with scarf, belt and booties
110.  casual without sloppy
111.  Everyday Maxi Dress | Baukjen
112.  Ralph Lauren's classic style
113.  Ralph Lauren whites
114  Chic floppy hats.
115.  warm whites
116.  light grey & whites
117.  boho beauty..
118.  cozy shawl
119.  modern take on classics
120.  long flowy skirt
121.  sweater I could live in
122.  CARDIGAN style
123.  Gown / Surface Magazine by Nadia Moro
124.  tablecloth remake-but shorter
125.  Ralph Lauren whites with fringe
126.  lacy style
this shirt!
127.   what an amazing shirt!
Cardigan - beige
128.  Cardigan - beige
The fashion of Paul Poiret (circa 1911) echoed the Japanese kimono
129.  The fashion of Paul Poiret (circa 1911) echoed the Japanese kimono
130.  1957 fashion
knitted fashion.
131.  knitted fashion.
#Jeans & heavy-knit sweater. Mango Fall 2012
132.  black look
love love love this Jacket
133.  burgandy jacket
Love this dress...watercolor floral maxi dress
134.  flower dress
Gio Ott
135.  black tassled jacket
136.  grey can look casual & polished!
Ana Beatriz Barros
137.  sweater & knitted belt
138.  lace dress
Angelina Jolie
139.  cream & white elegance
Twin-Set Simona Barbieri Summer 2012
140.  tall & slim creamy look
141.  cool zipper dress
Twin-Set Simona Barbieri S/S 2013
142.  beige
143.  satiny elegance
Studio F.
144.  lean 
145.  all black
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
146.  love this style, but hate the orange!
147.  simple red dress
Rosie Huntington Whiteley
148.  lacy white pants
Toni Garrn
149.  tailored grey dress
150.  pearls, sweater & leather
Karlie Kloss for Victoria's Secret
151.  casual & shiny
152.  black & slim
153.  casual jeans & burgandy jacket
154.  so beautiful, still wondering where to wear it haha

155.  sheep skin jacket, luv the lapels

156.  perfect cyan/aqua shoes

157.  luv neutrals

158.  can't imagine wearing these, but boy do they look amazing!

159.  lacy dress, boat neck

160.  lace dress, bare shoulders, I want!

161.  luv the colors, luv the belt, luv the hair!

162.  want to make this crochet sweater

163.  Fantasy by Andrey & Lili , via Behance

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