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My Skin Looks Younger- Anti-Aging Benefits! 6 Years Detoxing


The key to my health, energy, anti-aging, and creativity is simple in theory. 

I increased my negative charges.  
These include raw food, distilled water, earthing, fresh air 24/7, high 02 exercise, strong antioxidants & chelated minerals, tissue salts, and man made negative charges.

I also got my hormones in line with the moon cycle, and worked with my body's natural cleansing, rejuvenating rhythms. Plus, my entire beauty routine is inspired by nature.

I do everything in my power to avoid all positive charges
These come from cooked foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electro-magnetic radiation, stress, and possibly things we don't even understand yet.

We have no choice but take care of ourselves, and find a a lifestyle that benefits us. 
Otherwise, we can never have all the adventures we dream of!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Detox Journey Raw Vegan Before & Afters Weight Loss

I'm Pretty Much Done Detox :) My Last & Final Post

My 5 Year Detox Anniversary Video


  1. Thank you Pamela Viktoria for all of your amazing posts and videos. I really appreciate them. Just curious, have you ever heard of Dr. Robert Morse? You might really like his YouTube channel:

    <3 Claudia

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  2. Hello Pamela, I just came across your post and you tube video on September 30th 2016. I, too, am beginning my focused detox journey. Thank you for all the work and healing you have shared. I am curious about point 4 above... re: "new collaborators" Would love to know more. All the best on the next stage of your journey.


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