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Saturday, June 29, 2013

What Detox Looks Like....


  1. Dear Viktoria: I have been reading your posts and want to thank you for "opening the curtain" and letting us see how you have rejuvenated your entire being. I also follow Tonya Zavastas and have used some of her products. For years, I had been unable to eat anything raw - no nuts, fruits or veggies - so I have suffered from many problems ranging from fibroids to skin conditions, anemia and low energy. But after having started to detox with bentonite clay, I can actually eat raw!! I eat green smoothies for breakfast or a large vegetable or fruit salad. After a meal of greens or fruit, my liver seem to hurt because it is not used to these things and I guess it is detoxing.

    I am very intrigued by some of your practices and will look into them further. I am already feeling better and have lost a little weight in such a short period of time, and I am optimistic.

    Keep up the good work, keep writing. You have inspired me :-)


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  3. Hi: Thanks for your reply. I just had my 56th birthday yesterday, but amazingly I look about 40 (it's in my genes) in spite of the bad diet I ate for about 30 years. I need to lose about 30 more pounds. When I was 20 years old, my waist was 18 inches (I know, incredible (LOL), and I don't think I'll see that again. My hair has always been very thick, but it got really thin due to the anemia, but now it is actually getting thicker, so I'm loving my new way of eating.

    I want to find a way to eliminate sugar - I crave it and always seem to fall off the wagon when I try to eliminate it. That is the only down side of my diet right now. But I am progressing, so I shouldn't be too unhappy with myself.

    I have never taken any prescription meds (besides occasional antibiotics for infection), so I have been very fortunate and in pretty good health considering my previous diet. I am hoping that the fibroids will reduce or disappear as I continue with including raw in my diet. Speaking of beets, when I first put them in my smoothies, I was soooooo tired after. That was my body detoxing as beets, I found out, are very detoxing. I now use them probably once a week. I love them and the greens, too.

    I'm am going to purchase your book because I know I can learn a lot. I am learning so much and very excited about all the possibilities. Thanks so much for all your encouragement, and I'll keep on the lookout for your response.


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  5. Dear Detox Buddy: It is sooooo nice to have someone to share my experience with. I haven't discussed my new journey with anyone (outside of my immediate family - husband and 15 yr old daughter). I want to go thru these changes to see if anyone notices anything. A couple of people have already asked me if I was losing weight - it felt freaking amazing (LOL). As I continue to change and improve, I'm sure they'll want to know what I'm doing.

    Your audio book is AMAZING! If anyone is reading this post, please purchase the audio. It is worth far more than what that the actual price is. Truly unusual, eye-opening subjects that make so much sense, and it will change your lives for the better. I am super excited to start implementing these gems of wisdom. My grandfather was an American indian - Cherokee. My mother used to tell me how they never went to doctors because my gf used to heal them with herbs, clay, and other things. I thought of him when I was listening to your audio.

    I am going to join the Skype club and continue to learn, share and be inspired.

    Thank you so much for all your help!!!



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  7. Hi Viktoria.... I was wondering if you could expand on your comment regarding "freckles and moles becoming lighter" I had followed a very clean raw diet at times and in those times experienced a great reduction in my freckling. Do you know much about this?

    Keep up the great work - jj

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