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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Tongue Improvement!

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My Tongue Improvement!


  1. the picture of your tongue on the left looks like mine. i came across your blog because i just googled "my mouth has a metallic taste and my body oder is sour" this has been happening for a few weeks and has happened before and then gone away. i am glad you are feeling so much better! i have been on a diet of 95% raw before and i know that it made me feel amazing, over the years i have gone to a diet of cooked foods all whole, organic and high quality, i feel ok, but not great, i know that i looked more glowey and felt nice clean energy when i was eating raw. part of the reason i stopped raw is that i live in a cold winter climate and i lost a lot of weight and i am very thin already. this is the fist time i have ever posted on a blog ... or even read one, so sorry if this comment is long as comments go. i think i am going to start adding more raw into my diet and look to your blog for inspiration, i like the before and after pics!

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  2. Hi there! The text for Ayurveda course at my nutrition school, Dr. Vasant Lad's "Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing" says that cracks in the tongue indicate chronic Vata & derangement in the colon - not sure if that rings true for you or not though. He has a whole section on different tongue issues that tell us what is going on in our bodies.

    I am in Toronto too and would love to know where you get your bulk produce - that would be awesome! Thanks for the very interesting blog - I found you doing searches about Tonya Zavasta who I also find fascinating - thinking of buying all her books :)

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