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The key to my health, energy, anti-aging, and creativity is simple in theory. 

I increased my negative charges.  
These include raw food, distilled water, earthing, fresh air 24/7, high 02 exercise, strong antioxidants & chelated minerals, tissue salts, and man made negative charges.

I also got my hormones in line with the moon cycle, and worked with my body's natural cleansing, rejuvenating rhythms. Plus, my entire beauty routine is inspired by nature.

I do everything in my power to avoid all positive charges
These come from cooked foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electro-magnetic radiation, stress, and possibly things we don't even understand yet.

We have no choice but take care of ourselves, and find a a lifestyle that benefits us. 
Otherwise, we can never have all the adventures we dream of!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Slow hair growth= 3 mistakes I made this month!

b12, dry fasting, h2o2, raw food diet, rosacea, tan, vitamin d, weight loss,

Slow hair growth= 3 mistakes I made this month!

Slow hair growth= 3 mistakes I made this month!


  1. Hi Pamela! I was wondering, how are you doing? I love your blog, I've been going though a lot in the last year, and it has taken a toll, I feel like I've gotten 10 years older in just one. Your blog is really inspiring, now that things are getting along, I intend to start working on a healthier self again. I would like to ask you, do you own a Vitamix? Do you think it is such a staple for a raw-foodie?
    I need my WCTAblog-fix :-)!
    Keep on with the great job, all the best, and greetings from Vienna!

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  3. I have never seen anyone document the raw food experience as well as you have... I came on today to see if there had been updates and saw that you had responded to a commenter. I bought a breville juicer as a result of reading your blog and I continue to read, I did purchase the 1 minute cure and also the food grade hydrogen peroxide. I would love to hear more about your success with the 'cure' . I will check back for updates and for the audio book. I wish you continued success. J from Ontario, Canada.

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  5. Yeah, I find that hair growth slows down to only about 1/2 an inch when I'm not getting enough vitamins. It's important to remember that what we put in affects our health AND looks!

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  6. Hi! I love your blog-so interesting and inspiring! I'm on a little journey myself. Was feeling like I looked much older than my age, 30, so I decided to do something about it. I suppose I thought I was being relatively healthy before, lots of cooked veggies, fish, green juices during the week but come the weekend booze, cigarettes and auger would come into play. Who was I trying to kid. So I've cut (most) of that out.. A little indulgence once in a while is ok for me for now.. It's a process. I've gone high raw and also been doing the rawsome flex. It's only been a month but I def think I can see some improvement. Do you have an email I can send pics to- if you want of course! I don't fancy them being broadcast to the world, I'm not as brave as you I'm afraid!

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