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Purpose of the Group:

"While I can't answer health questions, I CAN share research that keeps me motivated, AND quote from the books that shaped my detox lifestyle!"

Justine "This is what almost all women are looking for and what most are afraid of saying. Beauty and body goals are one of our highest motivators. Pamela brings refreshing openness about looking for beauty through the most natural means ever. Her message resonated with me. Her research and findings are fresh, information I've never seen on other forums. I was thrilled to discover her and more so her generosity with information. So excited to move deeper into this fascinating journey with her and the group."

Ame Shao "Before I joined this group, I didn't have the motivation to change my lifestyle. After joining, I have access to a lot of information...I get encouraged by Pamela Viktoria."

mistyrious1111 "Your face and hair have been the biggest inspiration for me...I have a feeling more women will be inspired by you!"

Jayme Thorpe "Have followed Pamela Viktoria's protocol for 3 weeks now. Amazed at how, in the first week, some extra weight I was carrying has just easily fallen off...Pamela Viktoria is knowledgeable, beautiful, and giving.  Looking forward to seeing what changes will have taken place in the next 30 days and on!"

Tamra Alexander-Cook "...I cannot believe how much I learned from Pamela...Thank you Pamela for all your information, reference info and personal experience so that we can educate ourselves and learn the importance of detoxing our bodies."

Carmen Greentree "I have never seen a transformation of health and physical appearance as much as I have following Pamela. And the more I delve into her page and learn about her, the more I love her and everything she shares...This page is always uplifting, inspiring, and motivating. Pamela always seems to have such easy and yet effective tips to achieve outcomes for true health and beauty."

Lizbeth G. "Thank you so much for your blogging experience and placing your personal experience out there for us to absorb your knowledge."

Debbra C. E. "I am truly learning a lot from being in this group and I know I will continue to improve and become more well in many ways."

Bonnie Kr. "PamelaViktoria...I'm captivated with your knowledge because YOU have tried new health avenues, experimented & found the truth. Your experience, additional sites for further explanation, physical pictures & words of encouragement are golden."

Marti Murphy "Pam shares a wealth of information with absolute generosity. I love that she's not just sharing information, she's sharing what has worked for her in her life. That's gold. She's an authority through direct experience and that means everything. Thank you Pam for all you do to help others."

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Top Questions: Supplements & Food Variety

Read Post and Watch Video:
Over the last 7 years, the top  questions I get asked are:

1. Are you 100% raw vegan? 

2. Do you take a multi? Probiotics?

Find of the Week!

Energy Brush
I'm always delighted to find something that makes my life even better!

I enjoy dry brushing. It is anti-aging, improves circulation, and leaves the skin soft, and smooth. It moves lymph, increases energy and gives a sense of well being.

This dry brush is made from copper and zinc, which produces negatively charged oxygen ions. The skin can absorb this much needed oxygen, which increases our energy.

It feels wonderful!

8 Inch Parasite

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Yup...he`s bright yellow from supplements :)

Today, March 1, 2018, is my 
7 year detox anniversary

I can't believe it's been so long. 
What a wild, amazing ride! 

I'm making a video about it soon. 
I've learned so much. 

Thank you all 
for your support over the years! 

I'm SO grateful!

My Facebook comment:

There's a few reasons for finishing up my time in alternative health. 

1. Many people are just finding me, so my blog is new to them, But I've been blogging for 7 years. That's a really long time. I'm excited for fresh energy and new projects! 

2. Talking about my past isn't healthy. I'm living in the now, and creating my future. After everything that I need to say is uploaded, I probably will never talk about it again. 

3. Because alternative health is on shakey ground, in the future all videos will be edited down to the point that we can't say anything., It would be so tedious constantly answering a question with "I can't comment on that." I keep encouraging fellow detoxers to learn, and study as much as they can, now! 

4. I will be living over seas. Many of the places I will be have questionable internet. Logging into my blog will be a risk. And a couple of the countries I will be heading to have banned youtube. Crazy I know

I've always been a blogging coach. I may continue but it would be super selective. I just have so much on the go right now. Have you ever felt like a snowball going down the hill, and gaining mass every second? That's me right now haha!

My Youtube comments:  

Something interesting happened to me. I was visiting an extremely sick friend. He had a pulse oximeter. It measures oxygen levels in the blood.

A reading of 95 is considered very healthy. My reading was the highest of my friends- 98. I told them that I spend many hours deep breathing in a plant conservatory every week. Now my goal is to see if I can get it up to 100, before I visit my friend again.

If I feel great at 98% oxygen saturation, I can't wait to get up to 100%!
Long Hair Journey: My PH has been 7.2 for 2 years 9 months now. Jan 2017- 

My hair has never been fluffier. It seems to stand up at the root, as well as each strand doing it's own thing. It's been 4 years since I had thinning hair....

2014- My PH would swing from 4.8 to 6.8 for many years.

What's New in the Detox Library

Detox Library

It's been an exciting month for my research:

#118. Detox Link: Beauty--->41

One issue that many raw vegans face is teeth problems. This is not due to a lack of nutrition in the diet. 
It's because the body uses up it's alkalinity removing toxins from the system. Teeth become porous. 

There is something in the animal world that is almost identical to human teeth and bones. I use it every day. 
It saved my teeth! (Remember that I bottomed out at 4.8PH?)

#139. Detox Link: Beauty--->50

I think I know Valery Smagliy's 'secret food' for 3cm long eyelashes. 
He needed to cut them because they got too heavy. 
Look at those lashes!

I'm experimenting with it, and will post my results.

#137. Detox Link: Fat Loss--->12

I'm using a beauty device (home use) to fat reduce my 'winter love handles'. I lost 10 lbs and 2 inches in 4 half hour treatments. 

It's so easy :) I come!

--->Reminder: I am looking for girls who would LOVE to do what I do, and I have a set limit on availability.

Contact me on

My intention is to move on to other projects before 2019, when hubby & I will be fully immersed in Asia. I will be diving into my photography and become a travel blogger.

You will only hear my voice in videos, and comments in my detox library. 
Essentially, I will be invisible, which is perfect for my artistic nomad lifestyle.

I know that it sounds weird, to want to move through the world without attention. 
Most people want fame. But that's literally the LAST thing I want :)

Raw Food Detox: 6 Years Detoxification: Age 43

It took 5 years to detox all the way back to my childhood vaccines. 
I first had to purge Hep. A/B vaccines, numerous anti-biotics, tetracyclene, accutane, the 'pill', 
fluoride, and mercury filling toxicity.

This last year was

Long Hair Secrets: Finally...All Virgin Hair & No Grey!

March 1, 2017
6 Years 17 Days: Detox Lifestyle

After highlighting my hair for almost 30 years, I've finally grown out

My Long Hair, Fast Growth Journey

Detox helped balance out hormones, and increased my alkalinity.
This led to much thicker, longer hair.

My Long Hair Journey

I started with very bleached out

Detox has been an Amazing Journey!

Aug 1, 2016
5 Years 6 Months:Detox Lifestyle

The body can heal and repair anything.
As each cell cleaned out, I looked

Detox: Blonde highlights with toxin removal

5 Years 1 Month: Detox Lifestyle

My hair is looking more like my childhood color. I'm testing my theory that blondes

My 5 Year Raw Food Detox Anniversary! Corsets cont. video

March 1, 2016
5 Years: Detox Lifestyle

Corsets help with sweating out toxins. Plus amazing posture and holding

Jowels , Health & Beauty

Aug 1, 2015
4 Years 6 Months: Detox Lifestyle

Jowels: This is not aging. It's lymph accumulation.
I got it moving so my youthful

Before & After 7.2PH: AntiAging, 4 Years Detox Lifestyle Pores & Wrinkles to Smooth & Juicy ❤15

4 Years 1 Month 12 Days: Detox Lifestyle

Skin changes quickly because of it's turn over rate. Any lifestyle changes

should show within months. 
I never realized that my pores were so huge.
As my whole body recycled the weakest, most damaged cells, only the youngest, healthiest are left to glow.

Before & After 7.2PH: AntiAging, 3 Years Detox Lifestyle: My Eye Color Changes ❤14

3 Years 8 Months: Detox Lifestyle

In my youth, my eyes were very blue. During CF, they turned

steel grey.
Detox changed them blue again, but they still have a long way to go.
At our genetic potential, all our molecule colors are amazing together: our eyes, skin and hair are perfect. I hope to have all my childhood colors again one day.

Before & After 7.2PH: AntiAging, 3 Years Detox Lifestyle Privacy instead of fame ❤13

3 Years 7 Months: Detox Lifestyle

This is my "Oh brother...." face.  You know your face is becoming famous, when people start

using it to promote their products.   
Here's a link to a facial exercise device. Take a good look at :14 seconds 
Look familiar?  It's a compliment that someone is inspired by my face.  
But contracting your lips from side to side will give you 'monkey mouth'. 
Been there, done that... haha

One thing I am most proud of is staying anonymous. I will always be that way.

Before & After 7.2PH: AntiAging, 3 Years Detox Lifestyle My Teeth Improvement- Back to Normal ❤12

Aug 1, 2014
3 Years 6 Months: Detox Lifestyle

The lower my saliva PH dropped, the more porous and stained my teeth were. 
After it got back up to 7.2, it was easy to have white teeth again.

Teeth are a reflection of our bones. Glassy, grey teeth mean that our skeletal structure is similar.

Before & After 7.2PH: AntiAging, 2 Years Detox Lifestyle young skin without makeup ❤11

2 Years 11 Months: Detox Lifestyle

I don't wear foundation, so that my skin breathes. Most of my skincare and anti-aging regime is edible.
Because I had rosacea and acne since I was 13, I always noticed that chemicals made my skin worse. So I avoided them.

Before & After 7.2PH: AntiAging, 2 Years Detox Lifestyle: Why My Eyes are Getting Bluer....Left Eye Iridology ❤10

2 Years 9 Months 23 Days: Detox Lifestyle

Detox cleans cellular water. At my sickest, my eyes were grey with yellowish rays. They slowly turned more blue. And because eyes are mostly water, if cellular water is clean, the whites are super white.

Whenever I was in herxheimer, (too many toxins dumped into the bloodstream), my eyes looked terrible. I was surprised how quickly eyes can change day to day.

Before & After 7.2PH: AntiAging, 2 Years Detox Lifestyle: Naturally Fuller Lips ❤9

2 Years 1 Months 9 Days: Detox Lifestyle

The upper lip reflects the small intestine. 
As my digestion improved, my lips looked younger and fuller.

A clean colon is the first step of detox. An impacted colon saps energy and makes us look much older.

Before & After 7.2PH: AntiAging, 1 Year Detox Lifestyle: Worm Aftermath= I Feel Amazing!! ❤8

March 1, 2012

1 Year: Detox Lifestyle

Massive importance of increased oxygen for immunity, parasites and anti-aging.
When I started my detox journey, I was bed-ridden with 6 chronic infections. My immunity was struggling to the point where I thought I'd end up n the hospital with a super bug.

I got chronic immunological fatigue after 2 rounds of very strong anti-biotics. So the last thing I needed was to wipe out any good bacteria I accumulated during my 1st year of detox.

I started researching oxygen, and the many therapies that use it. Extra oxygen helped my immunity wipe out candida, parasites, and gain traction fighting off my infections.

Oxygen benefits aerobic bacteria only, and gives us incredible energy.

Note to Readers: 
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Please comment on another post. Thanks!

Before & After 7.2PH: AntiAging, 11 Months Detox Lifestyle: My eyes are getting BLUER! ❤7

11 Months 1 Week: Detox Lifestyle

My eyes are getting BLUER! My eyes were deep indigo as a child, and slowly turned grey.

 Puffiness went down, pores shrunk, and my irises are going back to my genetic potential.

Before & After 7.2PH: AntiAging, 11 Months Detox Lifestyle: Rosacea, broken capillaries, large pores from inflammation in the gut ❤6

11 Months: Detox Lifestyle

It's painful to see how rough and raw my skin was. Rosacea is common when you've had  digestive issues like I have. Heal the gut, heal the skin.

My skin looks creamy. It is wonderful having great skin, without makeup.

Before & After 7.2PH: Weight Loss, 10 Months Detox Lifestyle, Weight Loss Surprise - Now 125 lbs! ❤4

10 Months: Detox Lifestyle

If I was ever struggling with my weight, it was always because I had poor digestion. 
With foods my body loved, the weight just fell off.

My summer diet needed to change with cool weather. I need far more fat when the snow comes. Also, as long as my diet was just right, I didn't have to exercise like crazy.

Before & After 7.2PH: AntiAging, 6 Months Detox Lifestyle, Forget Botox Facial Exercises ❤3

Aug 1, 2011

6 Months: Detox Lifestyle

Facial exercise works. All I did was build up the muscle between my brows. 
It pushed the wrinkles out.

Facial exercise builds volume. I've always hated squinting, because it makes me look angry. But my eyed are just sensitive to bright light.

Before & After 7.2PH: AntiAging, 4 Months Detox Lifestyle Bigger Eyes ❤2

4 Months: Detox Lifestyle

Cleaning our cellular water makes us reflect light. 
The cleaner our dead water becomes, the more we glow like babies do.
As we age, our cells fill up with toxins. Our dead water within cells makes us look stale. On top of that, we are slowing turning into prunes. Babies are 75% water. Adult men are 60%, and women are 55%.

Before & After 7.2PH: Weight Loss, 1.5 Months Detox Lifestyle ❤1

1.5 Months: Detox Lifestyle

The first 16 pounds was easy. After I eliminated foods that made me bloat, and caused inflammation, I lost weight quickly.

I used to be bloated after every meal. I needed to eat simpler, so that I could begin to identify what I could digest properly.